Meet the Founders

Sister Founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie Celine and Joline Nehoray

Joline Nehoray, 20
Celine Nehoray, 25

Nude Magazine, May 2019 issue

Sisters Celine and Joline, founded Beverly Hills Lingerie in 2018 with the dreams of growing and maintaining the ever-evolving streetwear lingerie industry.

Pioneered by the likes of acclaimed icons Cher and Madonna, lingerie as streetwear was a developing trend in the 1980s. Taking note of the trend which has been fading in and out for decades, Beverly Hills Lingerie is in pursuit of preserving its special charm. “Lingerie as streetwear is a fun and flirty way to toe the risqué and dance around the delicate line of controversial and elegant. It’s too beautiful to only be shown to your date, who likely won’t appreciate the embroidery of a bodysuit or the intricacy of a bondage themed bralette.”

Beverly Hills Lingerie is a collection of carefully curated pieces that embrace all the beauty womanhood has to offer. We strive to give a sense of purpose, femininity, and individuality, all while lost in a collectivistic culture. Help us redefine how we look, wear, and think about lingerie. In Beverly Hills Lingerie you will feel sexy yet elegant, and powerful yet humble.