Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Health

Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Health in a Time of Uncertainty - Beverly Hills Lingerie

By Hannah Minardi

Founder, With Seven

Photo via Shannon Nadj

Wellness in a time of uncertainty. It’s easy to go about this time and focus on the chaos swirling all around us instead of focusing on how many ways we can take control of our days.

I’m Hannah Minardi, maybe we have met before! But if we haven’t, most people know me through my work (wellness, brand development for innovative start-ups), my passion for creativity and collaboration or because I’ve forced them to go on a run (or two!) with me over the years.

This time has led me to reflect a lot and one thing that I keep going back to, is how glad I am to have a set a foundation for my wellness routines before this time. However, I also know that you might not have had any direction in working out or wellness before this time, and now that you are left on your own, are lost in a maze of media that feels overwhelming.. So whether you had solid wellness routines or you never had focused on that side of your health before – now is the time to set non-negotiables around taking care of yourself.. from the inside out.

Here are a few of the simple tips that have helped me through the day:

Sticking to Your Non-negotiables.

What I refer to as nonnegotiable will look different for you, as they do for me or others. But that’s the beauty of it. The promises you keep to yourself are the most important promise you’ll make. So make these non-negotiables achievable, but also a challenge to keep you growing.

Start now: Make a list of the ways that you can be more mindful, move more, create healthy work habits, keep focused and start your day with each one of those tasks before you start the inevitable scroll on your phone.

For me? That includes starting my day with a large glass of warm lemon water, journal and prayer time, a chapter of the book I’m reading, and some kind of movement (depends how early my work obligations begin). Then I can get to my top work objectives, emails, etc.

Being Conscious of the Media You Are Consuming.

It can be easy to fall victim to being a consumer, but the thing we often forget is that we have much more control than that. As soon as you become proactive and conscious of what you are consuming is how you can own your strength. Become mindful about how the content you are viewing is making you feel. If you are becoming more anxious throughout your day, take a note: Have I spent too much time on social media? Have I read too many headlines from unverified sources?

For me, I set strict times that I actively go on social media and to read specific news articles. I find it really unhelpful for me to just scroll without a purpose. Everything with  purpose is what I meditate on. It helps me to not feel “behind” on social media or like I need to “catch up”. That phenomena is not reality, it’s the affect of over consumption. 

You Always Have an Option to Move.

I’ve also been trying something new. Instead of thinking I need a full 1 hour workout to have achieved success - I’ve been opting to move more in shorter time frames. Throughout the day, I incorporate small workout/movement breaks at any point that I start to feel like my mind is scattered.

Try this: Instead of spending wasted time on a project when your brain isn’t sharp, turn a 10min timer on and pick 1 workout move to do for a minute, and switch every minute (total of 10!) I can promise that you’ll return to your work with your mind more focused and energized.

Ex exercises: Dead bug, Plank, push-ups, jump-rope, squats, squat pulse, lunge, hamstring stretch, bicycles, etc

Keep Food Simple: Prioritize Eating Whole Foods and as Little Processed Food.

It’s easy to keep reaching for the comfort snacks and easy to grab items. But by choosing whole foods (fruits, vegetables, high quality proteins) you’re choosing to keep your mind focused, feeling good, and will also keep your body from feeling lethargic (especially while we are not out and moving as much)… not to mention also increasing your bodies immunity through all of the phytonutrients in fruits & veggies.

Stay Grounded. Simplify Everything.

There’s nothing worse than creating a mile long to-do list where most of the items roll in to the following day because they were uncompleted.

Optimize it: Create a list for your day with simplicity in mind. Write only 3-5 things as top priority for the day. Take those items and place them in your calendar, treat them like meetings and don’t let your day get away from you! This principle applies to work, life, workouts, wellness routines, etc. Prioritize what will make you feel confident at the end of your day.