Love in the Time of COVID-19

Love in the Time of COVID-19 - Beverly Hills Lingerie

By La Fearless Femme

The world fell to chaos,

and you left...

I know you had a precious gift,

To cherish & protect

An angel child, with sparkling eyes

For whom you’d give the ultimate sacrifice

And I admire, & respect your commitment to that love

But on my end, your sudden leaving, came as a surprise...


It tore the fabric & the trust

I struggled to weave together with every fiber of my flesh

With every drop within my soul,

It brought me to my knees

When you said, with callous ease,

That you were off,

& leaving me behind...

I could never fathom,

in the darkest crevice of my mind

You’d leave me,

so completely blind.


In the shadows of the past,

Where we planted ideas for a life:

All our plans, for a future wrapped in love,

growth, & understanding

In which we talked about creating

All the magic we believed,

And a family, a dream

All these conversations,

the memories that never were,

now make me want to scream

And scream I do, but in my head,

As tears pour out of me,

Drowning the idea of you, & us.


In spite it all I thank you,

For all the love you gave,

The support & fascination,

The mirrored adoration

And all our sublime nights:

adventures beneath the city lights,

under star-filled beachy skies

When you kissed the essence of my existence,

And I held yours in my heart.


In spite it all I love you,

I deeply truly do,

And what scares me most

Is that you are my person,

The greatest love story of my time—

You’ve set a paradigm,

But that’s not always enough,

As I see clearly now.


I want to say

She’s lucky

to have you,

A father through & through,

I know you’ll do her justice,

You’ll light that child up.

A man of deep convictions

With values as your laws

You’ll teach her all the things,

That drew me into you,

And that is how I know,

What a good job,

As a father,

you will do.