BEING - Beverly Hills Lingerie
By Tiffany Mehdizadeh

The science of Yoga teaches that the world around us is made up of feminine and masculine energy. The Yin and the Yang. Ida and Pingala. Shakti and Shiva. The Moon and the Sun. These energies live within each of us as well – women and men.

Let’s rewind to one month ago. Looking back, I see how many of us, including myself, were caught in a mode of action. Our energies often projecting outward. Jumping from making one plan to the next without fully settling into the moment we were in at that time. What was life around us becoming? How many more times could we push ourselves to keep going? How many of us witnessed ourselves or our loved ones growing grumpy, depleted, overwhelmed, and downright exhausted? One of my greatest teachers, Govind Das of Bhakti Yoga Shala, shares that we were becoming human-d o i n g s vs. the human-b e i n g s that we truly are.

I view the way we were living as an overworked version of the masculine energy. Now, there is much power and beauty in the balanced version of solar energy. The sun’s energy is focused, steady, and solution oriented. Yet, the sun needed a rest. Perhaps he was tired of pushing and pulling and he stepped aside to make way for the glimmering softness of the moon to shine through.

Enter the feminine. Ah, that sweet moonlit energy. She is flowing, receptive, and gentle. She is here to teach us the art of b e i n g. She is here to embrace us as we soften into the unknown. This lunar energy gives us an invitation to take a sacred pause and redirect our typically outward focused energy back within.

At this point, I’d like to acknowledge that there are beings around the world experiencing deep suffering at this time. Without our basic needs being met, we may not have the space in our lives to fully explore what I’m about to share with you. This could also serve as a moment to take a deep breath and feel grateful that we are in a position today to slow down.

Connecting with our feminine energy does not have to look one specific way. Femininity is not one size fits all. It looks different day to day, moment to moment, breath to breath. Here are some ways that I am connecting to my feminine energy at this time.

Firstly, I am allowing myself to feel and to feel it all. To feel the beauty of simplicity and to feel the discomfort that arises with life feeling like more of a question mark than ever. I am allowing myself the space for tears and the space for deep belly laughter. I am allowing myself to sleep without an alarm (this might be one of my favorite things). I am connecting more deeply with feeling vs. thinking. What feels most nourishing in t h i s moment?

Some days I take the time to tune into my sensuality. Not going outward to feel sexy and sensual, but to find that through connecting with myself. One of the ways I connect with my sensuality is through self-care. Many mornings I take the time to practice Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic practice of anointing and massaging the entire body in oil. This practice makes my skin feel like silk and also serves as a celebration of loving every crevice and curve throughout my figure. Many evenings I draw myself a bath with salts and essential oils. I set the space by lighting candles and playing peaceful music. Mmm.

Some days I connect with my inner artist and get creative. Perhaps it’s floating through the kitchen and preparing that dish I’ve always wanted to try. Perhaps it’s sitting with my musical instrument and singing for hours. Perhaps today I put pen to paper and write a poem in my journal.

Some days I feel playful. Oh how the feminine loves to play. I go on little adventures around the neighborhood, skating with my quarantine buddy or walking down a street I’ve never noticed before. Sometimes I like to talk in silly accents. You never know what will come out. I play with my lingerie, I play with my outfits, I play with how long I can go without washing my hair (going on day 6). I turn on music and fully let loose. Dancing and twirling just for me.

Thank you Luna. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate the precious moments of simply being with nowhere to go, nothing in particular to do, and no plans to make. 

This is my invitation to you to slow down and nourish. There is still space for working and taking action, yet allow yourself to do so with greater care. Ask yourself, how can I find the most ease in my effort. This is a perspective we can take with us throughout our entire lives as the feminine and masculine energies dance with one another opening the doorway to a balanced way of b e i n g.

Tiffany Mehdizadeh is a yoga + meditation teacher, essence seeker, community builder, and Ayurvedic wellness and lifestyle counselor based in Venice, California.