A Note From One of Instagram's Most Loved Creatives

A Note From One of Instagram's Most Loved Creatives - Beverly Hills Lingerie
By Carianne Older
As a creative, this time has been a little tough. I'm so used to being on set, running around buying props, creating settings, building sets, and most importantly - creating with others. As day 30 hit, I looked at myself and thought - wow, time really flies. I'm having a positive quarantine - I've actually been having fun! I've been cooking, working out, tanning, reading, and most importantly relaxing! (something I never get to do as a freelancer because I'm always working).
My roommate and I have been shooting campaigns from home. I realize that brands do indeed need content right now. So I've just shifted the way I work over to working from home - full time. No need to go to set when you can make one in your living room! Creating content for brands has kept me busy and it has given me purpose. As a photographer and creative director running my own show, it's been really cool to see brands come together during this time to pay creatives to still create for them. I'm so grateful, and everyday I get to wake up and create something from home is a good day. I told myself that no matter the circumstances, I would still take photos. Luckily my roommate is a model so it's been quite easy for us, we've gotten so creative indoors its crazy!
If there's one thing I take away from this whole thing, it's that life doesn't stop unless you want it to. I'm excited to shoot outside again, but 'til then, I'll be creating and thriving from home!