It’s called lingerie, but we won’t tell if you wear it out

Posted on September 07 2018

It’s called lingerie, but we won’t tell if you wear it out

As much as we’d like to take credit, we’re admittedly not the first to bring lingerie out of the bedroom. We’re walking in the footsteps of some legends -- and Madonna’s iconic cone bra is a tough act to follow. After a long hiatus, lingerie as outerwear has resurrected, and its newest iteration is the best yet: lingerie as streetwear.

The timeline of its evolution goes as follows: the sexiness budded during a conservative 19th century when showing any skin was really pushing the envelope and sensuality was only meant to be expressed in secrecy. But enough with the history lesson. We care about today, we care about icons, we care about Cher. And we’ll never forget her unforgettable photo from 1989, capturing her black lace bodysuit and retro fringe wig. Being modest but sultry, legend Cher effortlessly wore lingerie out of the bedroom like she believed in life after love. Although its rebirth is hard to pinpoint, we suspect the Dior’s 2017 ultra-sheer fall line was a catalyst. It’s also definitely not a coincidence that this falls in the peak of the burgeoning #FreetheNipple movement.

The lingerie as outerwear look has come a long way since the radical Fifty Shades vibe that Madonna pioneered in the 80s (think more edgy flowers and lace, less leather and bondage). Mesh bodysuits, lace bralettes, and silky slips have become the latest cool-girl necessities. From the sheer bodysuit look on Hailey Baldwin, to the controversial lace slip look on Kim Kardashian West, these fashionistas share something in common: the ability to rock the streetwear lingerie look with confidence and grace.

Keeping up with the nearly impossible to meet beauty standards established for women in the modern age leaves many of us wondering how we can measure up. In spite of the cliché, the most salient thing a woman could wear is her confidence and of course, the right lingerie. 

Lionize lingerie as streetwear. Let Beverly Hills Lingerie make you feel sexy yet elegant. Powerful yet humble. After all, it’s called lingerie, but we won’t tell if you wear it out.

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